La Loja do Condomínio (LDC Group) is a leading property management company in Portugal and has been operating as a franchise since 2002. LDC provides administration and management services for condominiums based on a proven operational concept that is built upon three pillars: innovation, technology, and training.

In 2021, as part of its commitment to strengthen its leadership in the homeowner association management market, LDC embarked on a new expansion strategy through its own units. This process included the acquisition of 31 companies in the sector, resulting in the management of over 7,000 properties and 140,000 homes through 66 branches. The strategy of the LDC Group is to continue acquiring new companies in the coming years, adding value by integrating them into its technological platform, which will enhance its capacity for innovation and growth.

The LDC Group has successfully integrated companies and/or client portfolios of various sizes, investing in improving customer service and its workforce to expand its service offerings and ensure quality throughout the Portuguese territory.