inmho was founded in 2017 and, after more than 55 acquisitions in less than 5 years, it is the largest property management company in Spain. They manage over 6,000 homeowner associations and have 300,000 clients. The company has over 400 employees and 36 offices located in the Community of Madrid, Murcia, Alicante, Málaga, Sevilla, Barcelona, Zaragoza, Toledo, and Melilla.

inmho maintains the quality of its services and incorporates the immediacy of a ‘Administration 2.0’ by offering solutions such as 24/7 online access to information, monthly accounting reports, and a proactive management model for property visits. Additionally, it enables cost savings in homeowner association fees through its strong negotiation power with various community services, and it complements the traditional offerings of any property manager with its own divisions of complementary businesses. These include inmhobiliaria, which specializes in property sales and rentals; inmhoServ, which provides cleaning and concierge services primarily; and inmhoBrok, an insurance brokerage specialized in homeowner associations.